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Pile Driving Inspector Course CBT


Lesson 1: Introduction (HTML5, 16:14)

  • Terminology
  • Pile Driving Equipment
  • Pile Driving Process
  • 455 Specifications
  • Inspector Duties

Lesson 2: The Pile Driving System (HTML5, 63:47)

  • Identify Pile Installation Equipment and Tools.
  • Identify various pile types.
  • Use Pile Driving Equipment terminology.
  • Interpret 455 specifications related to the pile driving system.

Lesson 3: Construction (HTML5, 31:32)

  • Locate Plan Sheet Details Related to Pile Driving.
  • Identify key elements of the Pile Installation Plan.
  • Learn how to fill the Pile Driving Record.
  • Identify & interpret applicable 455 Specifications.

Lesson 4: Inspector’s Role (HTML5, 53:53)

  • Identify and understand the Role and Duties of the Inspector.
  • Assemble Your Tool Box.
  • Identify and Understand Pay Items/Quantities.
  • Perform Pile Tip, Penetration and Length Driven calculations.
  • Identify the applicable 455 Specifications.

Lesson 5: Test Pile Program (HTML5, 32:39)

  • Describe the Test Pile Program Process.
  • Describe the various pile testing methods.
  • Identify key elements of the Driving Criteria Letter.
  • Identify key elements of the Authorized Pile Length Letter.

Lesson 6: Contractor, Equipment Piles Arrive On-Site (HTML5, 30:45)

  • Verify and Document Equipment Matches Approved Pile Installation Plan.
  • Document Contractor Compliance with Protection of Existing Structures, Excavations, etc.
  • Verify contractor compliance for transportation, handling, storage, labeling and marking of piles.
  • Identify Contractor provided elevations.

Lesson 7: Begin Pile Driving (HTML5, 43:45)

  • Monitor and verify proper marking of the piles per contract documents and standards.
  • Verify & document contractor compliance with applicable tolerances.
  • Monitor, verify and document pile driving operations.
  • Identify applicable 455 specifications.

Lesson 8: Piles Bearing and Acceptance (HTML5, 31:17)

  • Identify the 4 alternative methods and specs to accept piles.
  • Identify Bearing requirements.
  • Identify when to stop driving and Accept pile.
  • Identify when to stop driving and contact the PA.
  • Identify when to stop driving and request a Set-Check.

Lesson 9: Homework (HTML5, 16:37)

  • This section contains additional exercises and questions that will help you prepare for the exam.

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